Featured Videos

  • Lisa Heller (Colgate U) - Hope (Official Music Video)

    Dedicated to the Brave, Sick, Kind, Loving, Beautiful, Lonely, Hurt, Strong, Poor, Confident, Scared, Free, Hungry, Willing, Courageous, Wise, Defeated... Dedicated to those who need HOPE.

  • Almand Tour Recap (Ithaca College)

    Follow Almand while he rocks some of his more interesting gigs while on tour.

  • Texas Tech Students Rap Battle Flula

    Texas Tech students, The Mohicans, rap battle Flula live after the College Battle of the Bands concert.

  • Rozzi Crane (USC) - Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On (Live Cover)

    Rozzi Crane performs her version of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On" live on the College Battle of the Bands Tour.

  • Guillotine - Jon Bellion ft. Travis Mendes

    College Battle of the Bands Alum, Travis Mendes, supports Jon Bellion on his hit song Guillotine.

  • Life as a College DJ (Documentary)

    Step into DJ Keyst1 shoes to see what life is like rocking the tops parties at Oregon State Univeristy.

  • The John King Band (UGS) Interview

    College Battle of the Bands - The John King Band Interview at the University of Georgia.

  • IU Student DJs rock the Bounce Boat w/ Dannic

    Follow Matsu x Flores on their trip to NYC to win the Campus DJ 2016 Semi-Finals and open for Dannic.

  • USC student rocks with Adam Levine / Maroon 5

    College Battle of the Band Alum, Rozzi Crane (USC), sings on stage with Adam Levine while on tour with Maroon 5. Check her out about halfway through the clip singing the verse and hook with Adam on stage at the world-famous Madison Square Garden in NYC.